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Der Top Tipp der  ZEIT: Bahn fahren aus Rache

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Material for listening comprehension


1) A large collection on a wide range of topics - with very little that is business related - can be found at _ General Listenting Quizzes

Most useful as introductions are perhaps the (easy) Business Communications, the (easy) Phone Message, the (medium) Doctor's Appointment and the (difficult) Hotel Check-In . But the others are also useful for general listening practice. American English is used throughout.

2) More useful is this collection of conversations with comprehension tasks. With "True or False" listening comprehension exercises and many others.

Practice note taking letting students listen to this conversation using the comprehension questions as guidelines, e.g.

1) What did the woman receive as a gift?

2) What kind of gift was it?

3) Why does she not want it?

4) Why can't she get her money back?

5) What can she do with it?

6) What would she like?

7) What kid of handbag would she like?

8) What kind of handbag was she looking for?

9) Where is the handbag that she likes?

10) What is the problem with the handbag she likes?

11) What can she have instead of a refund?

12) Who would she like to speak to?

13) What does the man think the manager will say?

14) Where has the manager been?

In the classroom: copy the above questions into a Word document and the use the video projector to present 5them to the class. For practie purposes let students prepare their own answer sheets, for tests hand out an answer sheeet.

Also look at the website and then on the right in the listening section: The more advanced listening exercises also have the texts and gap exercises.

3) More listening exercises can be found here with questions, answers and transcripts. (Look at the menu on the left to find more exercises.)

4) "Working Abroad" - Lots of short bits from international speakers of EFL. With questions. (BBC)

5) "Ten Days in Manchester" - a multimedia course in Business English from the BBC

6) And here the Watch and Listen section from the BBC. (No exercises, though.)

7) Videos, transcripts and assorted exercises from CNN can be found here.

8) More listening accompanied by tests and exercices from

9) A mixed bag of all sorts of general English listening activities.

10) Also worth a visit: the business English website of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

11) Assorted science texts. Radio broadcasts and introductory tests. No multiple choice exercises. From the BBC.

12) Very short texts at an advanced level as dictation exercises. You can check whether you are getting it right. Similar to a cloze exercise. Assorted topics.

13) eViews
One of the first EFL sites to make intelligent use of MP3 technology, this allows teachers and students to download a different interview each month and carry out a comprehension exercise provided by the site. Unfortunately, teachers interested in receiving the teaching notes, background on accents and lesson plans will have to pay a subscription of 30 euros for the full service.(Free trial)

14) More ESL sites for listening and speaking recommended by The Guardian.

15) has a good collecton of audio files that cover many of the situations that are required for the Kaufmännisches Berufskolleg exam in the "Managing situations" section (see here), or rather for "Communication Practice", where you get tasks like this one (with solution) or this one. The texts can be printed out, jumbled, phrases can be turned into German instructions and they can, of course, be used for listening comprehension exercises. More here. (More texts are available to subscribers.) Ordering lunch and dinner and many other everyday situations such as Booking a hotel room.

16) Numerous links to podcasts here and even more of them here.

17) A ot of everyday dialogues here. the sound quality is not so great, however.

18) American English and themes around teenage life you can find here. Transcripts available

19) More useful ESL Listening Links here

20) Short dialogues (text and sound), very varied - here.

21) From "How to make pizzas" to "iPod Shuffle" - a collection of videos in american english. soem of the spoken very fast you can find here.

22) A lot of audio and video files can be found on the Yahoo website here. News videos in British English here.

23) A slightly different kind of English can be found in the archives of Radio Singapore International here.

24) Then there is political satire from The Daily Show here.

25) Here you can find some telephone dialogues as tapescripts  And here the Audio files  

A room for the night      I booked two double rooms    Ordering breakfast    Bank advertisement    Head of exports (complaint)

Answering machine (Car accident)    Radio Station (Wine)   Showing someone round an exhibition

26) Listening skills from About,.com

27) A lot of TV channels to Choose & Watch

28) The Flatmates his a four part story from the BBC. With vocabulary aids, test questions (including listening comprehension) and grammar exercises.

29) Listen to short stories from the British Council.

30) Listen to poems from the British Council.

31) Podcasts and listening downloads on various topics from the British Council

32) Watch and Listen from the BBC.

33) Using YouTube in the English classroom

34) Radio broadcasts

35) The G. Robert Vincent Voice Library is a collection of over 40,000 hours of spoken word recordings, dating back to 1888. The collection includes the voices of over 100,000 persons from all walks of life.

36) Yahoo Radio Programs (by topic)

37) Radio documentaries

38) Ananova virtual newscaster (under construction)

39) History Channel famous speeches

40) More listening

41) Listening tasks with foreign accents: Ordering breakfast / Restaurant conversations / Breakfast arrives / In a cafeteria / Making a reservation

42) Buying stereo equipment, mp3 player etc

43) Booking a flight: (with questions)

44) Listening to directions

45) Listening to phone numbers

46) Following directions on the telephone.

47) Looking for longer films on the web? Try using the query duration:long on to look for long documentaries or feature films.

48) LearnEnglish Professionals Podcasts etc from the British Council.

49) Lots of listening activities from Elllo on a wide range of topics..

50) More listening links from

51) Most famous American speeches

52) People with different accents speaking at different levels about their lives and other things: English Listening Lounge.

53) Videos on improving your telephoning skills:

Taking accurate messages; controlling the situation; avoiding mouth noises; etc. (7:02)

Determining caller needs ( 7:10)

How to Treat Every Caller as a Welcome Guest (4:00)

Five Forbidden Phrases, Six Cardinal Rules and more from

54) More advanced listening material (with tests) can be found on the Cambridge ESOL website. Here are the tests for the CAE exam (suitable for classes 12-13). Paper 4 deals with listening. Other exams: First Certificate in English (mostly fairly easily doable for classes 11-13) - Preliminary English Test (very suitable for Berufsschule level) - Key English Test (good for Wirtschaftsschule)- Certificate of Proficiency in English (Abitur level)

55) Science update - Short audio file accompanied by short texts and questions. For advanced students with a science background.

56) Very easy listening exercises with online tasks.

57) Good for very short listening tests: The daily routine of a student   An American girl describes her family (More at the English Listening Lounge)

58) Broadcasts from American RadioWorks documentaries.

59) Watch and Learn from CNN. News and comprehension questions

60) A short interview: How much English do you speak?

61) Cultural differences   - Matching text on the same topic

62) A conversation at a fair  (foreigners talking)

63) Talking about your family and your brothers and sisters

64) A very one-sided conversation  >  Now, this is much better

65) Business culture in China (spoken fast)

66) French / American telephone conversation: making arrangements (spoken fast)

67) Showing visitors round a car factory   (spoken moderately fast) - Student book pages to go with it

68) Rhetorical devices in sound. A fascinating collection with man original sound documents.

69) Eine Website mit verschiedenen - auch vielen einfachen - Hörtexten und Grammatikvideos.

70) Listening comprehension Tests auf dem Niveau B1 (Aufgabenblätter und MP3 files)

71) Listening exercises with a Brazilian accent (from the British Council)

72) "Words in the News" der BBC bietet kurze Texte mit Vokabelerklärungen und Audio

73) National Public Radio (USA) - Audio Files and free transcripts